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A cornerstone of Transformation Synergy is activating and strengthening personal and group empowerment. To that end, Transformation Synergy offers a variety of tools that support the process of change that vary depending upon the client's needs. They include meditation instruction; Craniosacral and Acupressure sessions; Acu-Yoga instruction; a professional support network; as well as numerous visioning tools.



Linda Miki Dohemann, CPC, has been collaborating with people and organizations for over 14 years to transition them from where they are, to where they'd like to be. She uses a creative, integrative model to help her clients perceive and behave in new ways. Working with individuals and groups, this can involve traditional coaching tools such as visioning, goal setting and providing accountability, while also bringing some very unique strategies to the table that are customized to the needs of each client. These include Transformation Synergy's "Walk & Talk" sessions, which provide the synergy of motion with nature to enhance self-discovery, as well as a variety of explorative and results-oriented strategies tailored for each client's needs and goals.  

Aloha PLAYcenter


Aloha Playcenter offers the synergy of transformation through group events. Here we use the "Power of Play" to tap into each individual's true spirit and childlike creativity. Playshops, Playspas, Playdates and Vision Quest Retreats are about interactive, multi-sensory learning, via play and exploration, which can lead to profound transformation. Instead of focusing on "work" and the resistance that it triggers, we focus on "play" and the natural opening that it creates for learning and self-exploration. These are primarily group events that often augment coaching strategies. They can be stand alone events or incorporated into weekly seminars, focused weekend retreats and more concentrated Catalyst Vision Quests.

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Decide to Thrive!

Are you ready to find your way?

Transformation Synergy is a strategy designed specifically for people facing life's transitions. We often find ourselves overwhelmed in the face of change: searching for a new job, starting a new business - or taking your business to the next level; being newly single; coping with illness or death; life stage transitions; there are many life situations where life is daunting and we need progression strategies not just to survive but to thrive in our new lives.

Through self-exploration that leads to positive action, you can transform what is often a fear of change in your life into a conscious, powerful process. Transformation Synergy integrates coaching with techniques pioneered by Linda MIki Dohemann to empower you to make life transitions that you consciously direct for your highest outcome.

If you are ready, you can change your life in miraculous ways. Transformation Synergy offers the following strategies to help you benefit from life's transitions: Coaching; Aloha Playcenter; and Support Transformation Tools.