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About OUR founder

     Linda Miki Dohemann, CPC, CAYT, CSPT, BA, is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Transformation Synergy. For over 22 years she has facilitated clients locally, nationally and internationally in making positive change in their lives. She's passionate about helping people and organizations reaching their highest potential to thrive.

Through Transformation Synergy, Linda Miki offers a variety of unique services to her clients so they can find their unique synergy to thrive. She collaborates with a diverse network of professionals to provide whatever resources her clients may want for integrated whole life solutions to achieve their goals and live successful lives. 


     Linda Miki's resources include:

  •  BA Communications
  • Certified Transformation Coach - 18 yrs
  • Spiritual Psychology Teacher - 17 yrs
  • Certified Integrative Healing Arts - 26 yrs
  • Certified Acu-Yoga Instructor - 24 yrs


     In addition to her education, Linda Miki's professional career spanned over 20 years as both a corporate and non-profit executive. Her executive career gave her a diverse knowledge and understanding of business development, systems and communications. Her business expertise was incorporated into her expanding toolkit, which was honed first-hand as she learned how to have a thriving life, balancing her unique synergy of professional and personal fulfillment.

     Are you ready to experience a whole life synergy for a successful and happier life? Contact Linda Miki now to explore new possibilities of how that can happen for you. 




​​​​​About Coaching...

"I have known Miki for 20 years, and have had the good fortune to work with her as a coach during various transitions in my life. As a small business owner I have hired a variety of coaches (business, life, nutrition/health), and I have found Miki’s style and unique talents have been by far the most valuable resource I have worked with to make meaningful change in my life.

Miki is highly skilled in using the techniques and tools that make a good coach valuable, whether that be a business coach who helps move a company/owner to the next level, or a life coach assisting an individual who wishes to reach certain goals or navigate transitions in their lives with minimum stress. What I find sets Miki apart from good coaches to make her an extraordinary one is that she has the rare gift of empathy that allows her to intuitively identify the needs of each person she works with quickly, and find strategies that are uniquely suited to that person’s style and process. She also has a great sense of humor and joy in life that makes sure that the process of change is fun as well as profound! Do yourself a favor and partner with Miki when you next find yourself in transition and need support."
Caren Parnes
Owner, Enterprising Graphics

"I was referred to Transformation Synergy by a good friend who had recently worked with Linda Miki to take her career to the next level. I was so inspired by the changes I witnessed, I felt I too could benefit from Linda's talents. What I discovered over the course of working with Linda Miki for 3+ months was that I had many self-limiting beliefs that had really stagnated me, both socially and professionally. Through her guidance and gentle, but pointed questions, she helped me to identify behaviors that were limiting my growth. Linda Miki taught me to reframe how I thought about myself, my family, my network and my career, which allowed me to really get in tune with what was most important to me. I realized I was living a life of "should's" instead of the life I wanted. I feel like I gained a toolbox of skills that will last me a lifetime (although I still cannot wait to work with her again to develop that toolbox even further!). Through just a short period of time, I was able to make very big changes, including a move for my family which I previously would not have been able to envision and execute on. Thank you Linda Miki and Transformation Synergy!"


Petaluma, CA

"Linda Miki brings the gift of deep presence coupled with the ability to help her clients open into states of realization and expansion. If you are looking to grow your life past places of feeling stuck, give yourself a break and schedule some healing time with Linda Miki. She helped my husband and myself move past a long-standing place of frustration, namely that our housing situation was not meeting many of our needs. We were looking at the situation with both a strong awareness of what we needed as well as fear and anxiety.  Our time with Linda Miki helped us connect with the forward moving growth edge of our life and we quickly launched ourselves into a much larger, more creative field of possibilities and into our wonderful new home. "
 Sally Singingtree

"While I've known Linda Miki personally for 5 years, it wasn't until I began working with her on a professional basis that I realized how much more joyful my life has become. Her ability to gently nudge and guide me to my own conclusions is uncanny. She has a toolbox full of strategies that not only get me through the moment, but some have also turned into some incredibly healthy habits."
Becky Hannah

"Miki was a breath of fresh air! Her life coaching style is genuine, realistic and down to earth. She is a knowledgeable and experienced woman who balances the modern and holistic worlds. Miki led me back to the basics and from there we worked our way up based on my own personal needs and goals.  I was challenged to better my life yet I felt safe and comfortable to grow at my own pace. Because of Miki I am now leading my life in the way that is best for me!"  
Crystal Owens

"My wife and I had just seen the home we had been looking for for over a year.  It had it all; 4 bedrooms, great kitchen and yard.  Everything we wanted except the price, which was way over our planned budget.  We had seen the property on Sunday, talked with our Realtor on Monday and spent Tuesday analyzing the situation and crunching numbers.  By Tuesday night we had effectively talked ourselves out of going ahead with the purchase.  Major bummer.  Wednesday we met with Linda Miki Dohemann for a coaching session.  We didn’t really know what to expect from the session, but basically felt like we needed some comforting.  Linda Miki gently, tactfully and skillfully guided us in the process of connecting with our deep, intuitive knowing place.  From there, we reexamined the situation and came to the gut feeling that while from a purely rational perspective it was still going to challenging to finance the purchase the home was really OURS.  We went ahead with the purchase and have moved in to our dream home.  Subsequently, we discovered a way to increase our income from our old home which we kept as a rental, so in the final analysis, everything worked out in our favor.  Without Linda Miki’s help, we might not be here in our new home."

Tom Bickford   

About Playshops...

​“Initially attracted to the Hawaiian appeal of the “Aloha Playcenter” brochure, I registered for Linda Miki’s Transformation Playshop because it was time do something about living a more inspired life.  Many hours of my day are spent sitting at a computer chasing trivial deadlines and it’s anything but inspiring.  I’ve reached a time in my life that finding something to do that’s meaningful to me is a top priority, and this playshop was a soulful way to get started on my journey toward change.  Having Linda Miki lead the group with her positive and passionate influence - along with her insightful recommendations and guidance – gave me the tools and confidence to see that anything is possible with the right frame of mind.  Her guided visualization was an amazing experience!  If you’re longing for inspiration in any chapter of your life, this playshop will serve you well.
S.M., Petaluma

“At Linda’s playshop, I felt very nurtured and given the space to tap into my creativity and inner voice. It was also very comforting to be in the presence of other women, with Linda at the helm, making us all feel very supported and included. When the playshop is over, I feel like something has shifted in my space for the positive and I feel lighter and happier. The best part is that days later, the shifts that happened in my space start to appear in my life, like little gifts of faith in my life’s journey. 
Thank-you Linda for creating this wonderful, healing and creative space for us to come together as a group, where we can support each other.”
Christina Richard

About Catalyst Vision Quests..

"Linda Miki is a long-time friend and business colleague, and I have had great benefit in working with her as a coach in the past. Recently, Miki, another friend and I all went on a vacation together to Hawaii just as we were all finding ourselves in life transitions. So I asked Miki to develop a week-long Vision Quest for us as part of the trip, to explore those changes together.

The experience was a profound one, since she utilized the power of the sacred spots on the island in concert with group interaction, journaling and meditation to create an amazing space for us to open up and get clarity on our respective life visions. It was powerful for all of us, but what I found most impressive about the experience was that Miki managed to both facilitate AND participate in the process—which was quite a challenge that she managed with grace and mastery. Having her act as both witness and participant allowed us to really open in ways I don’t think we would have with someone just “guiding” the process for us. I can’t imagine having placed the same level of trust in anyone else—she is a fantastic collaborator and support for anyone on a personal journey of change. I highly recommend you work with her either one-on-one or in a group dynamic."

Caren Parnes.

"I have personally experienced many of the modalities Linda Miki offers and highly recommend her services."

Dr. Jeffrey Cooper